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12/27/2013 4:14:28 AM

Just a demo to share with a fellow fishing scout fisherman in the making .. Just wanted to help a bit with a visual.

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Largemouth Bass
Buffalo Bayou

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demo rig


    1. fishonflyco 0
      Ok thanks I was woundering if I should buy it thanks
    2. lemesnil 0
      Scratch that... It's just watermelon/black flake @fishonflyco.... And yes a black upper body with a laminate lower is quite nice indeed depending on water color ...more and temp.
    3. lemesnil 0
      It's actually watermelon/pepper and disco(purple and pink) flake
    4. fishonflyco 0
      does the black really work
    5. lemesnil 0
      Have fun working with this weightless set up and of course have fun and confidence in the lure(s) you use. Practice makes experience and understanding! @herdh
    6. lemesnil 0
      I'm using an ewg (extra wide gap) offset hook that's a lil bit heavier gauge for less flex when I set the hook. @herdh
    7. lemesnil 0
      This is to give you a better understanding and help you land more fish ... @herdh
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