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12/26/2013 12:02:42 PM

Headed to Lake Texoma to do some kayak deadsticking for striper...

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Hybrid Striped Bass
Lake Texoma

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deadsticking flukes (various colors)


    1. PKfisherman 0
      I'm hoping to go stripers fishing at possum kingdom soon.
    2. HOOKsettA 0
      @texascranker 27" today is my largest so far...my buddies landed a few 29"s...but I know they can grow pretty massive. There is a very healthy population ...more of striper at lake texoma...
    3. HOOKsettA 0
      thanks @Lon85 @texascranker @ReelGame @FishAndChicks
    4. MusicCityBass 0
      Good luck!
    5. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Love the kayak good looking setup
    6. PKfisherman 0
      Good luck! How big of stripers do u usually catch?
    7. Lon85 0
      Good luck! I like your rod holder/ cooler.
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