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12/20/2013 2:00:58 AM

Not a gar but a close cousin, caught this 6 footer in a golf course pond with a 4/8 jig head with an electric chicken bomber soft plastic. I got taken to the not 2 on my bill dance combo. Great fight!

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Alligator Gar
Goulds Inlet

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jig head


    1. Sutton Dole 0
      I was just messing around lol
    2. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Yea i guess i was, but i made the jig head myself and on the package i sell them its 4/8 @sutton_dole
    3. Sutton Dole 0
      Excuse me but 4/8 simplified is 1/2 so in theory you were using a 1/2 oz jig head
    4. fishforlife123 0
      Nice gator
    5. ATLBassin 0
      Gator on a fishin rod!
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