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12/20/2013 12:10:55 AM

The TCWD stocking about 2500 nice size trout at Trinity Park in Ft Worth at 9am...there are still plenty more for everyone to enjoy! saw some nice 1-3 pounders coming out and a few golden rainbows!!!

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Golden Rainbow Trout
Trinity River

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Berkley Power Bait (orange or chartreuse) and anything with a gold spinner or gold spoon!


    1. Lon85 0
      @paul_376 thanks for the info
    2. Paul 0
      you can keep up to 5 if you want @Lon85
    3. Lon85 0
      So they restock them, and ppl just come catch and take them or release them?
    4. YakTX 0
      Wow golden rainbows
    5. PKfisherman 0
      Was just there today! Saw a bunch of people fishing.
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