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12/1/2013 9:56:02 PM

Finally hear, i love it so much

Catch Details

Bull Shark
Goulds Inlet

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    1. cole_agouridis 0
      How much 130 JB do you have on? Topshot? Also where did you get it. Looking to upgrade my reel to either this or the okuma 80w
    2. fishforlife123 0
      Hey this is Colby
    3. fishforlife123 0
      Hey this is Colby
    4. fishforlife123 0
      9123851832 just text me
    5. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Do you live on the island @fishforlife123
    6. fishforlife123 0
      Hold on I'm on my iPod
    7. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Whats your phone # @fishforlife123
    8. fishforlife123 0
      No u hit my friend with my net I'm glad u hit him
    9. fishforlife123 0
      Oh we should meet up dome time
    10. cameron_mcclellan 0
      I use breakaways from the beach and 20 from piers @fishforlife123
    11. fishforlife123 0
      Hey what size weight do u use for shark fishing
    12. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Yea @fishforlife123 was that you
    13. fishforlife123 0
    14. fishforlife123 0
      Yeah that's him hey didn't u hit a kid with a castanet
    15. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Patrick brunson @fishforlife123
    16. fishforlife123 0
      Kinda I guess do u no p
    17. cameron_mcclellan 0
      I dont seem to remember you, have you seen me a lot @fishforlife123
    18. fishforlife123 0
    19. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Whats your name @fishforlife123
    20. fishforlife123 0
    21. cameron_mcclellan 0
      How old are you @fishforlife123
    22. fishforlife123 0
      No I was using live shrimp
    23. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Were you at the ssi pier using glow DOAs @fishforlife123
    24. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Well with the line on that one it was $1000 @coastalangleragouridis and where were you @fishforlife123
    25. fishforlife123 0
      Nice I think I have seen u at ssi once when I was trout fishing
    26. cole_agouridis 0
      What do those cost @cameron_mcclellan I have a Penn international
    27. Swamp Mafia 0
      Serious rig! Don't let a monster drag you in! Good luck with it.
    28. cameron_mcclellan 0
      130 jb, Avet trx 50w @SwampMafia
    29. Swamp Mafia 0
      117 lbs of drag? Wow! What size line do you have in it?
    30. adamcudd 0
    31. Michael_Tindle 0
    32. hotchross 0
    33. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Yea @Michael_Tindle and i has 117 pounds of drag @hotchross
    34. Michael_Tindle 0
    35. hotchross 0
      Drag on both sides?
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