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Caught By

Brandon Lum
11/10/2013 6:24:04 AM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
California Delta

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    1. Brandon Lum 0
      Yeah I went last weekend. I usually go every weekend but I had plans for this one already and next weekend I have a tournament at Millerton
    2. Brandon Lum 0
      wow that sucks man @fishing_is_life9
    3. Brandon Lum 0
      wow, I caught 40+ easy that day, but they were all clones, I lost a 3lber at the boat too. @fishing_is_life9
    4. Brandon Lum 0
      It's a difficult lake to fish @fishing_is_life9
    5. Brandon Lum 0
      Haha, did u do the pineflat open?
    6. Brandon Lum 0
      @fishing_is_life9 when were you at pineflat
    7. Brandon Lum 0
      lol, all you need to do is lift up with a ds rig @fishing_is_life9
    8. Brandon Lum 0
    9. Brandon Lum 0
      Yeah I saw you spooning. I couldn't get much to bite. we finally dropped down to a worm in the last 45 mins and got 2 keepers but decided to throw them back ...more at the dock.
    10. Brandon Lum 0
    11. Brandon Lum 0
      Yeah I got them to bite the jig but couldn't get them so stay pegged
    12. Brandon Lum 0
      How bout you @fishing_is_life9
    13. Brandon Lum 0
      bad, I was going for a big bite and was too stubborn to finesse
    14. Brandon Lum 0
      ohhh. okay, now I remember @fishing_is_life9
    15. Brandon Lum 0
      ? I don't recall fishing with you @fishing_is_life9
    16. Luis_G1 0
    17. Dave Impagliazzo 0
      Nice catches and welcome to fishing scout!
    18. 9G3B 0
      Quality Pair of fat hogs !
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