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11/7/2013 2:18:49 PM

Fishing in grand lakes ponds average bass is about 5 pounds

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Largemouth Bass
Katy Ponds

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    1. TEXAS_GOPRO 0
    2. TEXAS_GOPRO 0
      Just a hook and hotdog! Lol let it sink!
    3. richard richard 0
      How do u rig it @likeyelich
    4. Edwin Quiros 0
    5. TEXAS_GOPRO 0
      Yeah its in katy@ObieTheGreat and they only go for hotdogs lol ive tried every lure in my tackle and nothing works@MulletHead
    6. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Nice catch bud! Looks above average to me. What did she bite?
    7. ObieTheGreat 0
      Is that in a community? @likeyelich
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