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10/30/2013 2:40:37 AM

10/17/2013 @JWelch Can't remember if it was caught using a Bomber Baby Bass crank bait or KVD Chartreuse Crawdad. Both flatheads hit the Bomber. This was biggest bass of the day.

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Largemouth Bass
Lake McQueeney

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    1. Donald Myers 0
      Golf ball/lure retriever?
    2. JWelch 0
      And both were caught on cranks? That's crazy! Lol @greatness627
    3. greatness627 0
      First was caught by that first island going upstream from the launch and the second by the dam. Unfortunately didn't make it out today. Would've been a great ...more day to fish.
    4. greatness627 0
      Thanks @JWelch Both my buddy and I freaked out on those flatheads and we were laughing so hard cause we thought we had really nice bass. One caught in a.m. and one ...more p.m.
    5. JWelch 0
      That's a nice fish man, glad Placid worked out for you! I wish we coulda seen some pics of those flatties though! When are you going out again?
    6. jonholbrook 0
    7. greatness627 0
      @bass_assassin47 @matt Appreciate it fellas. That's my buddy Javier gettin' it done on Lake Placid. Been a while since we posted due to numerous reasons, ...more but looking to change that. 👍
    8. Matt Dobson 0
      Like that gear! Nice looking spot too!
    9. ryan vinci 0
      Thats a good one!
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