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9/6/2013 9:25:45 PM

What do y'all know about some summer time crappie fishing

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White Crappie

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bobby garland white and yellow


    1. will_miles 0
      @BrazyT @bankfisher
    2. will_miles 0
      I caught my two biggest on square a bombers those have been the deal lately
    3. I'm still catching them 16 to 20 feet deep in large creeks that flow to the main lakes or rivers on jigs using bobby garland , bass assassin , and gremlin tubes ...more . @BrazyT @willA
    4. BrazyT 0
      @willa I will out fish minnows with a bobby garland when it's hot out.... We been getting them off stumps in 13-17ft of water
    5. will_miles 0
      @BrazyT use live minnows around structure when it's real hot. It is crucial to find structure for em
    6. BrazyT 0
      @bankfisher only us true crappie slayers can catch the slabs in the hot summer thanks a lot and I'm keeping a tight line hope u do also
    7. Nice slabs great job I been catching some nice ones this summer to . They are finally getting fattened up for the winter .keep catching them slabs
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