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7/25/2013 4:27:22 PM

Anyone know a good dentist?

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Alligator Gar
Trinity River

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cut blue gill


    1. RoostaGarPro 0
      @evanngreen That hookset tip is the key, not to many people know about that.
    2. RoostaGarPro 0
      @evanngreen I use 6" long blue gill cut in half, cover two hook points with the bait and leave one open. Do not set the hook up, almost sweep the rod across ...more thw ground with a quick, hard jab.
    3. RoostaGarPro 0
      @evanngreen No singles, they're mouth is pure bone and the more hooks you csn get in there the better. They are tough to hook amd your gonna miss alot of em ...more but you will figure it out.
    4. evanngreen 0
      Thank man! Do you ever use a single hook? And how big of bait do you use?
    5. RoostaGarPro 0
      @evanngreen I use barrel crimps beaten flat with a hammet to connect the hook and swivel to the leader, do not us plyers to crimp the barrels...slips out everytime. ...more Hope this helps and good luck.
    6. RoostaGarPro 0
      @evanngreen I use 100lb power pro braid, 8/0 treble hook, 250lb spro swivel, with 150lb reflon coated steel leader. No knots except for the line attaching to the ...more swivel attaxhed to the leader.
    7. evanngreen 0
    8. evanngreen 0
      Hey man what kind of rig do you use for them? I have never caught a large gar before but I live 10 minutes away from the trinity river. I have got a large rod and ...more reel spooled with 100 pound braid.
    9. evanngreen 0
      Hey man what rig do you use? I've never caught a large gar but I have a large r
    10. RoostaGarPro 0
      @agembry I honestly don't know, I release em all alive.
    11. agembry 0
      Are the big ones hard to clean?
    12. andrewminick 0
      Haha @RoostaGarPro
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