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7/13/2013 3:13:50 PM

15lb, 2nd salmon of the year! Fishing 87' of water, trolling aprox 2.5 mph. Nice day on the lake. Waves 1-2ft! Had a blast with @johnztoney

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Chinook/King Salmon
Lake Michigan

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    1. msjm12105 0
      @Ziggy1010 Where is that salmon pic at????? Its not on FS yet?? Lol
    2. Eric Nelson 0
      Hard to find around here, no one wants to get rid of them?!
    3. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22, Yea lunds are sweet!!!
    4. Eric Nelson 0
      Huge! Lol! Yeah I want a big Lund!
    5. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22, Yea we went from a 15ft starcraft outboard 15 horse. To a 19ft chriscraft 5.0L 305 I/O. Lol should be a big difference
    6. Eric Nelson 0
      I would like a bigger boat to do the same thing!!!
    7. Eric Nelson 0
      Yep! Only have a bass boat, not safe on the big lake!
    8. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22, ohhh ok I gotcha! Yea we are kind of rookies when it comes to salmon fishin, but we are getting the hang of it. We just got a bigger boat, so that should ...more help lol
    9. msjm12105 0
      @johnztoney Hahaha, yup time to bust out the growler!! As soon as we get it fixed :/ lol
    10. RonJ062 0
      That was definatly a good way to possibly end that boats career for salmon fishing! Time for the GROWLER! Lol
    11. Eric Nelson 0
      Nice! I'm in northern In. We fish out of St. Joe, Mi. When we do charters.
    12. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22 Im out of muskegon. We go pretty much straight west from the muskegon channel.
    13. Eric Nelson 0
      Where on Lake Michigan?
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