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David Pflueger Jr
7/1/2012 7:00:00 AM

Catching perch all day when this bit

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Fox River Lock Channel-Appleton

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Wax worm


    1. David Pflueger Jr 0
      Can do, but the wife and I like to explore in the Kayaks.
    2. Peter Buzay 0
      I live up in DePere. You ever need any hotspots let me know
    3. David Pflueger Jr 0
      Number one, there are perch in the Fox, sporadic, but there. Number 2, if you look at the map you'll see that I was on the southern shore of Little Butte Des ...more Morts. Don't ask me why it's not marked as the lake, but TECHNICALLY the lake is just a wide part of the Fox
    4. Peter Buzay 0
      Perch on the Fox? What boat ramp do you go outta?
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