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Clint Mock
7/7/2017 4:24:00 PM

Hit it right at the boat I thought it was a smallie all I could see was a brownish flash. Anyone have a huge picture of this fish? How big can they grow?

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pop r
5 ft.


    1. Tommy ROSS 0
      Bow fin can get huge, caught one when I was younger in Fairfield lake (down toward Houston, tx) it hit a hula popper (top water),dont know how big it was (not even ...more on the bus scale),my dad had held of the gills and could not get the short net around its tail.we finally let it go cause we were in a bass tournament.found out later by game warden it was a bowfin.know they have stocked peacock bass in it.have not fished it in years though.
    2. Clint Mock 0
      Cool thanks Tom I will look :-)
    3. Tom Little 0
      Yeah we caught them up to 6# in lake Conroe. They are a blast. Should be one in my catches.
    4. Clint Mock 1
      Thanks Robert !
    5. Robert Coleman 0
      I have a past post of a 28 incher I caught. My biggest ever! I'm sure they get bigger!
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