A photo of Dan glaser's catch

Caught By

Dan glaser
6/20/2017 9:02:57 PM

Catch Details

Lake Puckaway

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scatter rap
2 ft. 4 in. in.
6 ft.

Catch Conditions

W at 10mph


    1. Barry Schiesher 0
      holy balls where did you get that pig at? trolling?
    2. Dan glaser 0
      no idea what it weighed*
    3. Dan glaser 0
      no kidding the inch chrt on here in stupid in my opionin it was 28.5 I have no idea on the way and don't care I Let Go all of the big females I have caught and ...more I have over 20 that I have released in my lifetime that are close to 30 inches
    4. Dillen Kangas 0
      It's not going to be 5 LBS and 35 inches
    5. Ray Bied 0
      Pretty dark out there?
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