A photo of Zack Eury's catch

Caught By

Zack Eury
6/5/2017 5:20:00 AM

Catch Details

Hybrid Striped Bass
Lake Arthur

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Long A Bomber
2 ft. 0 in. in.


    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice fish!!!
    2. James Hastings 0
      sounds good, I'll get at you soon
    3. Zack Eury 0
      7243553717 is my number if you want to go out sometime
    4. Zack Eury 0
      Island off of bear run
    5. James Hastings 0
      where have you been finding the bite?
    6. Zack Eury 0
      Thank you. There killing them from 11.45-3:00AM
    7. Noah Shapiro 0
      Now that's a monster
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