A photo of Brian Brown's catch

Caught By

Brian Brown
5/8/2017 3:00:00 PM

May 8th 2017

Catch Details

Little Shenango River Section 2

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Creek chubs

Catch Conditions

SE at 13mph


    1. Brian Brown 0
      They're still there. Early and late in day. Got 3 Friday.
    2. Brian Brown 0
      Fast water in discharge below dam.
    3. Brian Brown 0
      Small black nose dace lip hooked with # 6 truturn lite wire hooks. Small split shot 18" up. Drift like trout fishing.
    4. James Hiteshew 0
      Hi Brian, Nice catch. Where do you hook- rig the chubs and how to fish them in the river? It's now July and warmer. Do you know what section of river I should ...more try? I fish alone. 🐸
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