A photo of Joe McFarland's catch

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Joe McFarland
5/20/2017 5:31:00 PM

Wacky Jig Head. Wacky Rigged

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
O.H. Ivie Reservoir

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8 lb. 4 oz.
5 ft.


    1. Joe McFarland 0
      Sounds good...Happy fishing!
    2. Bobby Boehm 0
      Well, either way if you are in the area let me know. That's my boat in the picture. LOL
    3. Joe McFarland 0
      Sorry Bobby, I must have helped another gentleman launch....I can't take credit for helping on this situation.
    4. Bobby Boehm 0
      Thank you very much for staying with my wife, that means a lot to me. If you are in the area again give me a call and let me buy you lunch or dinner or something. ...more 719-246-0012
    5. Joe McFarland 0
      Hey....Yeah, I can say I was there but I'm not sure how much help I was!! Lol
    6. Bobby Boehm 0
      Oh my gosh, are you the person who helped us get our boat in? Nice catch.
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