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Robert Coleman
5/4/2017 2:53:44 AM

Casting for walleyes and saw this girl in the water. 2nd time by with the jig, she took a nip at it. Hooked her perfectly in the top lip. 25 minute fight on light rod. My first musky ever.... only took me 48 years. Lol But what a giant. Didn't have a scale, but had the tape measure. 44 1/2" with 19 1/2" girth! Not sure on weight, but full of eggs!

Catch Details

Brushy Creek Lake

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White Twister
3 ft. 8 in. in.
4 ft.

Catch Conditions

S at 7mph


    1. Robert Coleman 1
      Thanks John👊🏻
    2. John c 1
      wow .. omg
    3. Gabriel Maldonado 0
      ya man that looks like a lake st Muskie haha.
    4. Gabriel Maldonado 0
    5. Noah Shapiro 1
      Wow 100 that's a milestone on fishidy
    6. Gabriel Maldonado 0
      100 likes later lol
    7. Jacob Benjamin 1
      What a lunk
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks Ronnie! 👍👊
    9. Ronnie Durbin 1
      Nice muskie. If I had to guess, probably 25+ lbs.
    10. Robert Coleman 0
      Lol, I'm sure there are a lot more qualified people to give you pointers on here than me Aiden. That was my first muskie ever. My only suggestion would be, ...more use the biggest WHOPPER PLOPPER!!!!!!! Lol It's my new favorite lure. Inline spinners, plastics are always promising. Good luck and tight lines!
    11. Aiden Crossman 1
      Me and a buddy are going out musky fishing next summer, do you have some tips?
    12. Gabriel Maldonado 1
      Nice fish!!!
    13. Mike Ellertson 1
      Awesome skie I thought brushy creek only had tigers but thanks for clearing that up for me! I'm 0-2 on skies 2 hook ups none landed but thankfully none were ...more break offs
    14. matt badger 1
      awesome fish...I also have only caught one in my life(don't target them) similar size on a quarter ounce jig tipped with a fat head. The fish of a thousand cast...
    15. juan rivera 1
      Wow very special especially on lite line way to hit em up a fight of a lifetime for alot of us fish on my brother
    16. vortex 5.3 chevy 0
      Looks like a lot of fun
    17. vortex 5.3 chevy 0
      Looks like a lot of fun
    18. vortex 5.3 chevy 1
      Looks like a lot of fun
    19. Michael Dotts 1
      Beautiful fish. I don't have those down here. Must of been a good fight
    20. Randall Delp 1
      Monster fish man nice catch
    21. TRACY WADE 1
      Nicely Done !!!
    22. Kenneth Olivo 1
      Beautiful fish
    23. Shawn Gearinger 1
      Great catch!
    24. Andrew Kane 1
      Nice catch! Congrats
    25. C. Alex Hash 2
      Beautiful fish!
    26. Christopher Pereira 1
      i'm always so amazed to see huge musky caught on light gear! I've had them cut #50 flouro instantly like a hot knife through butter. If they get it in ...more their teeth right, it's over! nice job!
    27. Melissa Norris 1
      great looking muskie! 😀
    28. Noah Shapiro 1
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