A photo of James  Cooley 's catch

Caught By

James Cooley
4/16/2017 4:01:49 PM

Catch Details

Spotted Bass
Lake Russell

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blade runner
12 ft.

Catch Conditions

WSW at 12mph


    1. James Cooley 0
      caught every fish in van creek on a blade runner with a white Jr fluke as a trailer, fished it on the bottom like a shakey head.
    2. Josh Riccardi 0
      you slaughtered them! im heading there tomorrow. where did you catch these and what did you catch them on? were you trolling?
    3. James Cooley 0
      Absolutely Drew Pridgen! Not much else beats a good mess of deep fried spots.
    4. James Cooley 2
      oh well, fuck you very much Bob Griffin ;0)
    5. James Cooley 0
      and why would I be an idiot Bob ?
    6. bob griffin 0
      what a idiot
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