A photo of Tiffany Plueger's catch

Caught By

Tiffany Plueger
5/2/2015 3:00:00 PM

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Lous Quarry

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Moss Boss


    1. David Pflueger Jr 1
      We were at Mud Creek right in front of the eastern RR bridge. Though the quarry is maybe 1/4 mile away this is probably a mapping error on the behalf of Fishidy, ...more we never even heard of the quarry until you brought it up.
    2. Tiffany Plueger 0
      its mud creek. if you scroll in tight on mud creek, my icons are on mud creek.
    3. Don Nussbaum 0
      Excellent! But where did you catch it? It says Lous Quarry at the top but I think that quarry was filled in during the 1980s. It was actually call Crystal Lake Beach ...more and only had giant goldfish in it. Your pointer looks like it's at Mud Creek.

Catch Location

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