A photo of Brian Thomas's catch

Caught By

Brian Thomas
4/11/2017 12:58:04 AM

Of two this was the only sizeable one. May have been due to using dead bloodworms lol

Catch Details

Striped Bass
Delaware River

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7 lb. 8 oz.
5 ft.

Catch Conditions

SSW at 8mph


    1. afishionado mark 0
      my favorite bait shops were brinkmans and if they don't have it you can try eds bait in Croydon
      I take it that there is still a moratorium on herring
    2. Brian Thomas 0
      I know Mark trouble is finding it. The usual suspect Philly bait shops only have frozen or they run out of fresh before I can get over there. If you know of a place ...more let me know. Wish this thing had PM's
    3. afishionado mark 0
      fished the Delaware for many years. to get the bigger stripers you will want to get some fresh bunker
    4. Enrico Pumarosa 0
      Your scale might say 7 pounds, however, that striper you show in the other picture is no where near seven pounds let alone 2 pounds. Maybe your scale is broken because ...more that fish isn't near seven pounds. Any way good fishing.
    5. Brian Thomas 0
      figure subtract 3 ounces for the fish grippers
    6. afishionado mark 0
      7lb ??????
    7. Noah Shapiro 0
      Bloodworms seem to be working
    8. Brian Thomas 0
      If it let me put up more than one pic I have one of him on the digital scale
    9. Enrico Pumarosa 1
      More like 1 lb 8 oz
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