A photo of Doyle Shaw's catch

Caught By

Doyle Shaw
4/2/2017 1:37:16 PM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Santa Fe Lake

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1 ft. 11 in. in.
5 lb. 12 oz.
8 ft.

Catch Conditions

SE at 3mph


    1. Doyle Shaw 1
      If I can I will catch them with a pole, if not I will use a net. They have been very hard to get the last couple of weeks.
    2. Doyle Shaw 1
      I just realized tonight that I caught the same bass two times. Caught her today and on march 30th. You can check the pictures on here. Same tail damage and the ...more rear upper fin has a cut between the 4th and 5th spine.
    3. Doyle Shaw 1
      I've never fished for catfish so I can't help you. The shiners I catch with a pole or net. I use bread balls for bait.
    4. Monica kraft 0
      We like to Catfish! Any good spots
    5. Monica kraft 1
      How do you catch your wild shiners?
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