A photo of Neil  Craft 's catch

Caught By

Neil Craft
3/29/2017 10:10:33 PM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Cumberland

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3 lb. 10 oz.

Catch Conditions



    1. Neil Craft 0
      That's awesome man. Which one is it I look for Andy Morgan to b hard to beat really or mark rose he's always tough
    2. Jason Caldwell 0
      It will take big sack of fish to win flw. I'm actually meeting a pro down at beaver Sunday to show him that end of the lake. It's gonna be an awesome experience.
    3. Neil Craft 0
      How much do u think it will take to win the flw next week?
    4. Neil Craft 0
      Thanks a lot. We won some tournaments few years back we always ran from Conley bottom to Indian creek long run but usually done good there I appreciate the info ...more and will definitely b trying it soon
    5. Jason Caldwell 0
      Neil I used Alabama Rigs to catch them
    6. Jason Caldwell 0
      Neil I love fishing bluffs and big chuck rock walls for my smallies. Like Blake said lower lake is best. I usually stay in beaver area.
    7. Neil Craft 0
      I'd love to get on them big smallies like u posted just curious how did u catch them? I know it's hard to tell ur secret but I'd love to get my dad on ...more them that's him in the pic he's had a bad stroke few years ago and I'd love to get him on some good brownies
    8. Jason Caldwell 0
      Thanks Neil. Actually bought 3/8 oz booyahs last night. Gonna try to get on some pigs Sunday.
    9. Neil Craft 0
      3/8 terminator n 1/2 booyah either white or chartreuse n white
    10. Jason Caldwell 0
      Also what brand spinnerbait you been throwing? What oz?
    11. Jason Caldwell 0
      Was you in lower lake or upper lake? I spend most of my time in beaver.
    12. Neil Craft 0
      Yes always have loved it
    13. Jason Caldwell 0
      Nice fish! Don't you just love Lake Cumberland!
    14. Will Temple 0
    15. Neil Craft 0
      Broke a nice one off on black and blue jig
    16. Neil Craft 0
      White with red flake spinnerbait or chartreuse white. Gold willow leaf and silver Colorado combo
    17. Will Temple 0
      I got a highschool tournament up there this weekend just wondering what all they biting on
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