A photo of Chris Spradlin 's catch

Caught By

Chris Spradlin
3/24/2017 3:00:00 PM

Caught on wind blown flats

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Barren River Lake

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Lipless Crank
1 ft. 10 in. in.
6 lb. 9 oz.
3 ft.


    1. Chris Spradlin 0
      Only about 2-2 1/2 hrs. away. Cumberland has been on fire and the FLW guys are there this month.
    2. Donnie Powers 0
      Thanks for the offer buddy. I live in Md. 10 minutes from the Potomac river. Coming to Cumberland lake in June. Maybe I'll see you then . Keep your rod bent ...more 👊🎣
    3. steven curtsinger 0
      Nice !!! wish I could find a few like that this weekend
    4. Chris Spradlin 0
      James, we need to hit it up this week. Donnie, come on too
    5. Donnie Powers 0
      Outstanding buddy , you got room on the ship for one more? I'll bring the grub 😄👊
    6. James Watkins 0
      When are you going to take me fishing
    7. Chris Spradlin 0
      I've had several over 5 this year but that is the only 6 I've landed since this time last year.
    8. mark shannon 0
      I knew that class of fish was in there. Nice one.
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