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Caught By

fish fisherson
3/18/2017 4:12:31 PM

Pig Boat!!!

Catch Details

Hybrid Striped Bass
Clinton Lake

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19 ft.

Catch Conditions

NW at 20mph


    1. fish fisherson 0
      eBay mostly. I'm a couch shopper.. You can get decent ones at Cabella's fairly inexpensive tho or Bass Pro fairly expensive :). Cabella's has a Kastmaster ...more clone that's less than half the price and you can make em swim the same for deep water or fast retrieval.
    2. fish fisherson 0
      Was your google maps broken? ;) Copy/Paste this location into google maps. "86GH5657+XF"
    3. fish fisherson 0
      Hwy 14/48 bridges with spoons. 1oz - 2oz. You can use white curly tail grubs too, but the big ones like big spoons. Helps if it's a cold, windy, cloudy day. ...more Unfortunately, that all ends March 31 when the boats move in. Hard to fish that lake via boat for monster Hybrids. Too much boat traffic spooks em.