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Donald (Donnie) Hock
9/17/2016 8:20:00 AM

Old marble eyes

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Norris Lake

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Pink fluke
2 ft. 5 in. in.
5 lb.
15 ft.


    1. Marty Murray 0
      Hey Mike, I have no wally secrets for ya! I've caught them on crankbaits, white spinners & shad. I've caught them in various parts of the lake as well ...more as off my dock using a fishing light. I don't target them much (but would like to) and catching them has been more luck than anything. I also used to fish Lake Erie and have tried occasional trolling (& drifting when windy) with Erie Dearies tipped with crawlers, but never caught anything except for an occasional catfish. Be sure to check some of my eye pics posted.
    2. Mike Killin 0
      I've fished many a walleye in Lake Erie.. but not Norris - if you don't mind me asking.. how, where, what on? Just trying to learn to fish them on Norris. ...more Thanks
    3. Marty Murray 0
      Thanks Donald. Looks nice and a little beefy!
    4. Donald (Donnie) Hock 1
      Here she is... Gaylor hollow...
    5. Marty Murray 0
      Where's the pic of Old Marble Eyes? Anxious to see it, if you have one.
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