A photo of Nicholas Trampe's catch

Caught By

Nicholas Trampe
1/14/2017 3:05:00 PM

29 in pike on a tip up

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Box Butte Reservoir SRA

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2 ft. 5 in. in.
11 ft.


    1. Nicholas Trampe 0
      Grand Ave Baits 308-760-9493
    2. Joe Roberts 0
      Where can I get bait aroun alliance and Hemingford?
    3. Nicholas Trampe 0
      Not to my knowledge but try calling Grand Avenue Baits they may have a more accurate update I havent been there for a few weeks.
    4. Daryl Payne 0
      Is there any open water towards the NW area of the lake? Dated 2/8/17
    5. Nicholas Trampe 0
      Unfortunately I have never been fishing at Boysen yet but if you go to the WY game and fish website and look at the Lander regional angler news letter they have ...more annual updates on the areas fishing and Boysen is usually in it with up to date sampling reports. Sorry I couldnt be more help but hopefully you will find some good info to get you started there.
    6. Henry Torgerson 0
      Nick, My name is Henry and I live in Buffalo, /wy. I would like to start ice fishing Boysen for Walleye. Can you give me any info as to what art of the lake to ...more fish and type of bait. I am priginally from northern Minnesota and have spent a lot of time on the ice fishing both walleye and big northern pike.
      Thanks Henry Torgerson
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