A photo of Dan Woodcock's catch

Caught By

Dan Woodcock
9/12/2016 2:16:00 PM

Caught this hungry lady sometime in September during a my hour lunch break, from work. I normally close so lunchtime often comes at dusk which is the perfect time. There is a duck preserve right down the road from the Trader Joe's I work at that has a couple hidden gems. Some of my biggest fish have come out of this pond. A pond that many of my fishing buddies swore was barren and gave me rations for "wasting my time". The picture doesn't do it any justice but she was a toad.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Local Pond

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1/2 oz Lunkerhunt Poppin Frog
1 ft. 4 in. in.
4 lb. 2 oz.