A photo of Matthew Sweeney's catch

Caught By

Matthew Sweeney
12/1/2016 4:48:00 PM

last post for a while. thanks for viewing. see you out there

Catch Details

Hybrid Striped Bass
Lake Ray Hubbard

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    2. Washington Tran 0
      Nice, Were you on boat or bank?
    3. Kevin Folsom 0
      This has been my goal to catch all Summer. They're are a ton of those in Hubbard. Large Mouth are too Etta to eat, but the Palemento hybrid I'm after. Those ...more of you that know how to get them, I sure would appreciate sharing techniques!
    4. Fernando Garza 0
      I love striped bass ! Haven't been able to catch any at Hubbard though :/
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