A photo of Tim Yockey's catch

Caught By

Tim Yockey
10/30/2016 1:20:00 PM

Caught several over 20" that day

Catch Details

Spotted Seatrout
West Galveston Bay

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live croaker
2 ft. 2 in. in.
6 lb. 5 oz.
4 ft.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy
SSE at 7mph


    1. FishWestBay. Com 0
      Sounds like a great day
    2. Tim Yockey 0
      Sounds good have a 24' boat so should be no problem!
    3. kenny thompson 0
      Hey we will get Larry too.
    4. Tim Yockey 0
      I look forward to it Kenny!
    5. Tim Yockey 0
      Thanks Larry
    6. Larry Berkovsky 0
      Good piece of work Tim!
    7. kenny thompson 0
      Yeah I've been in oil and gas for 23 years. Election years are always bad to add to the problems before. Things should get better soon. We will get on the trout. ...more Corky and broke back time!!!
    8. Tim Yockey 0
      I had to lay off 15 employees back in December. Most had been with me more than Ten years. Since election I have bid more work than the the whole year. Things are ...more looking up. Time is going to be a commodity, however I still have a BIG beef with the trout and look forward to fishing with you. Let me know and I will be available!
    9. kenny thompson 0
      I'm in oil and gas too. Got laid off in January and got back to work in September at national Oilwell and been too busy to fish. Schedule about to change and ...more I'll be fishing a lot more. Doing good Tim and when this schedule changes we will hook up and get the big girls.
    10. Tim Yockey 1
      Thanks guys, this was the biggest so far. As you know Kenny I am still figuring all this out. Been a year so far and I have been working it hard as the oilfield ...more has offered me more time!
    11. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Beautiful fish!
    12. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice size speckled!!
    13. kenny thompson 0
      There ya go Tim!!!! Nice.
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