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Caught By

Chris F
11/7/2016 3:08:00 AM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Nockamixon

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Black and blue jig

Catch Conditions

N at 5mph


    1. Chris F 0
    2. Nice one for up north
    3. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Great catch
    4. Chris F 1
      Thanks!!! @92 years old, it's great to see him smile
    5. Joe Tuohey 0
      Great Fish. Congratulations!
    6. Chris F 1
      Interestingly enough. . I caught this fish out of a tree that a boat full of guys worked over just before we moved in. The left.. we moved in and I skipped a jig ...more to the center of the tree and fish hit it before it ever hit the bottom on the first cast.
    7. patrick McGee 0
      Beautiful Fish! With the marina emptied out you must have had very little activity on the lake.
    8. Chris F 0
    9. Kenneth Olivo 0
      Nice bass!!
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