A photo of Noah Shapiro's catch

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Noah Shapiro
11/6/2016 2:12:00 PM

Catch Details

Cutbow Trout
Boulder Creek

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Mepps Spinner
1 ft. 3 in. in.
4 lb.

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    1. Noah Shapiro 1
      I feel honored that this catch was posted on the fishedy Instagram as a examples of our community. Thank you for everything you guys have done. Each time I get a ...more notification for a follow I get a happiness attack! Thank you all and remember keep your lines tight!
    2. Noah Shapiro 0
      No problem. Your lucky you didn't come, a fight broke out and police and ambulances had to come. It was about fishing spots. Note to self don't fish near ...more that shady person.
    3. Elisa T 0
      Noah! I never made it out! :( My car's been making a sound so we've been trying to figure it out.
    4. Noah Shapiro 0
      Try to come late today.
    5. Noah Shapiro 0
      Elisa of your coming comment on this post when you get there. Il do the same.
    6. Noah Shapiro 0
      Maybe I will see you try to hit Boulder public library area.
    7. Elisa T 0
      Looks like I need to! I plan on doing some fishing this weekend so maybe I'll hit it. :)
    8. Noah Shapiro 0
      Yeah I know. Try fishing it soon it's been great.
    9. Elisa T 0
      Noah!! I'm just seeing catch now. That is AWESOME for boulder creek! You caught him on a lure? Extra cool!
    10. Noah Shapiro 0
      Eh. They don't work all the time.
    11. john stimson 0
      i was out throwing the mepps today ,nothing, changed up to areal worm ,hooked 5 ,3 cats 1 bass ,1 blue gill .muddy water
    12. Noah Shapiro 1
      Use egg fly's.
    13. Noah Shapiro 1
      At this very moment brown trout are spawning. I think everyone should get out and try to catch a trout. I personally will say there more exciting then a bass.
    14. Noah Shapiro 1
      Kenneth, fash? LOL
    15. Rich Pardy 1
      Very nice!!
    16. Kenneth Olivo 1
      Wow that's a beautiful fash
    17. Noah Shapiro 1
      Amazing fish though
    18. Noah Shapiro 1
      one of my friends own it.
    19. Noah Shapiro 1
      it was like a florescent rainbow type thing
    20. john stimson 1
      Nice trout Noah , what color mepps?
    21. Noah Shapiro 2
      I had a 30+ incher on a homemade San Juan worm. I was holding it, one hand on its tail one hand on the fly. There was only one problem, the line I was holding it ...more with was 7x. Which means it snapped, seconds before the photo. Then it nose dived right back into the river. So sad :(
    22. Noah Shapiro 1
    23. Shawn Gearinger 1
      Great catch Noah!
    24. Capt Morris Campbell 1
      Pretty one
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