A photo of Anton Wiesner's catch

Caught By

Anton Wiesner
10/5/2016 4:21:26 AM

catch and release...they will grow

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Bernice Lake

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Crank bait
10 ft.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy
ESE at 8mph


    1. Anton Wiesner 0
      I don't fish for bass but I do get the occasional Big Mouth that hits my big lures. they are a fun fight and pass the time.
    2. Jacob Anderson 0
      Pike should definitely be heating up soon, not sure about the bass. I'm hoping to crank out one more 4 or 5 pounder before the seasons over.
    3. Anton Wiesner 0
      Yeah its a little slow out there right now. Biggins should be getting more active in a week or so. Hopefully.
    4. Jacob Anderson 0
      2 undersize bass on spinnerbaits, and I lost what felt like a pike. Can't seem to find the big ones.
    5. Anton Wiesner 0
      You have any luck?
    6. Jacob Anderson 0
      I was out there yesterday too haha, nice pike!
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