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Tim Steinmetz
9/11/2016 6:06:00 PM

I did some fishing yesterday during intermittent rain squalls. I ended up capturing this cool picture with a really bright double rainbow in the background. The smallmouth wasn't too bad either!

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Green Bay - North

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Jerk Bait

Catch Conditions

SW at 16mph


    1. marc needham 0
      Do you ever walleye fish on green bay?
    2. ian borres 0
      nice smallie
    3. rockbar wild 0
      you get the prize! !!!
    4. Mark Maslowski 0
      Nice small mouth
    5. Kenneth Campfield 0
      nice job Tim planning the rainbow and all
    6. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Great pic and bass Tim!!!
    7. Rich Pardy 0
      You sure have a knack at getting fish with the perfect background, nice smallie!!
    8. Christopher Pereira 0
      wow haha, sick picture dude!
    9. Brandan Ganoni 0
      Awesome fish and picture Tim!
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