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9/1/2016 5:41:02 PM

needed to catch some bass but not much luck. this guy showed up though.

Catch Details

Guist Creek Lake

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rapala xrap
2 ft.

Catch Conditions

NNE at 8mph


    1. JAMES HIMEL 0
      There always seems to be a little yellow addendum sign posted under the creel limit signs at launch sights at places where you'll find them. I think they are ...more stocked though. It's a good addition in my opinion. If they taste like Walleye, thats an awesome fish for those out there looking for keepers.
    2. danny rodgers 0
      i heard they do but that is just here say i don't know it to be a fact i know i caught one at taylorsville lake also
    3. Timothy Nelms 0
      There's Saugeye's in Guist Creek? Do they stock them.
    4. danny rodgers 0
      never mind i see where you listed it
    5. danny rodgers 0
      i caught one of those at taylorsville today what is it lol
    6. danny rodgers 0
      nice job i have never seen one of those at guist or anywhere else
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