A photo of Luke Bunch's catch

Caught By

Luke Bunch
8/23/2016 12:05:13 AM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Cumberland

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shaky head
4 lb. 9 oz.
50 ft.

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    1. Luke Bunch 1
      No problem man
    2. John Crain 0
      Nice fish.....Gotta be proud of that one! Thanks for the reply!
    3. Luke Bunch 0
      Yes sir
    4. John Crain 0
      Grider Hill? In Brown Creek
    5. John Crain 0
      where is grinder hill?
    6. Luke Bunch 0
      If you're gonna hate get off of my page man. No need for this. And obviously you can't read Bc I'm pretty sure I never said you knew better than the ...more scale. I said unless you know something my scale doesn't which is sarcasm. But nice knowing you. Please don't comment again on my page.
    7. Patrick Campbell 0
      That'll go 4lbs all day everyday.
    8. Chris Morgan 0
      That's every bit of 4 hands down. Looks like the scale is dead on
    9. Luke Bunch 0
      Well bud I weighed it. So unless you know something the scale doesn't I'm gonna trust my scale.
    10. Luke Bunch 1
      I actually caught that fish in grinder hill. And there are some really good fish in there. If you want to win don't just go for the largemouth. There's some ...more monster smallies in there too!!!
    11. Will Schibig 0
      Was that on that rip rap by the dam?
    12. Eddie Goode 0
      nice bass
    13. Chris Morgan 0
      Very Nice! I'll be down there in spring for the FLW tournament nice to know there are sizable largemouth in there.
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