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Ben Lea
8/10/2016 1:19:11 AM

Thought most of these were gone in the lake but it's all good. Only caught 1 out of the 15 fish that were landed. 9 largemouth, 2 rock bass, 3 big perch( 12 in each).

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Conneaut Lake

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white spinnerbait
6 ft.

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    1. Guy McMaster 0
      porters cove has a lot of weed cover great for casting, Neely's point has some deeper water
    2. Ben Lea 0
      Awesome! Really appreciate the advice. Lake Arthur would be tough to cover in a kayak. Having a place to start is really helpful.
    3. Guy McMaster 0
      porters cove and Neely's point are a couple of places to try at moraine
    4. Ben Lea 0
      Thanks Guy! I'll look into moraine.
    5. Guy McMaster 0
      that's cool, moraine might be a place in the fall, they catch fish over 50+ every year, I've seen some good muskies at conneaut but it been a few years
    6. Ben Lea 0
      Thanks for the heads up. Might try elsewhere in the state for big one. Side note: current state record musky is held by my great uncle. Would love to keep the ...more record in the family.
    7. Guy McMaster 0
      a guy I work with used to do a lot of muskie fishing up there, he said it has really gone down in the last 5 years
    8. Ben Lea 0
      Good to know there are some tigers in there. Hope all the big pure breads haven't been lost to the boat traffic and bowfin
    9. Guy McMaster 0
      we fished up there until late Oct last year, only caught a 5# 32" northern, we've caught 2 small tigers this year
    10. Ben Lea 0
      Anytime. Waiting for the big cool down to go after those legendary Conneaut musky.
    11. Guy McMaster 0
      thanks for the info Ben
    12. Ben Lea 0
      Guy, surface temp was 79. All bass came out of weed beds to hit spinners and chatterbaits. Down imaging didn't pick anything up in the deep water, so I didn't ...more try jigging for them.
    13. Guy McMaster 0
      how hot is the water?
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