A photo of Noah Humfeld's catch

Caught By

Noah Humfeld
6/28/2016 12:42:41 AM

Catch Details

Lake Monona

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berkley gulp
1 ft. 5 in. in.
15 ft.


    1. Noah Humfeld 0
      major typo! sorry!
    2. Noah Humfeld 0
      major typo! Id kill to see a 17" gill lol!
    3. Clay Russell 0
      No way, Jose. Maybe it was a largemouth at 17"
    4. Kyle Traeder 0
      If you're going to lie on size do yourself a favor and make it at least sound believable to save yourself the embarrassment
    5. John Spencer 0
      Yeah right lol
    6. Don Varese 0
      Typo or you also have the world's largest hands:}
    7. kyle bewner 0
      That's a world record! 15 inches is the current. I hope you kept it.
    8. A S 1
      your tape measure must be broke
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