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Michael Coldren
7/30/2016 12:58:26 PM

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Walker Lake

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crawler harness

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    1. Michael Coldren 0
      5 to 7 in the middle, around 2' towards shore
    2. john goss 0
      how shallow is the water up lake?
    3. Michael Coldren 0
      My apologizes for not getting back sooner. I have not fished for bass at walker, mostly because after watching guys targeting bass, i see them catching very few. ...more I have caught some nice ones threw the ice however. I have not been over for awhile because of all the rain we have been having. That being said, looking at the lake to the right of the dock there are lily's an, then a drop off to 14-16 feet, there is a rock face marking the deeper water. the upper end of the lake to the left of the dock the water is shallow and flat, some weeds as you move to the upper end. Hope this helps and good luck!
    4. john goss 0
      I am in a tournament there this week end for bass, You got any spots or pointers you would mind sharing with me would be greatly appreciated
    5. Michael Coldren 0
      I try to get there 1 or 2 times a month
    6. john goss 0
      do you fish walker lake much?
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