A photo of Derek Stitt's catch

Caught By

Derek Stitt
7/27/2016 3:16:04 PM

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Allegheny River (Kinzua Dam Tailrace)

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Catch Conditions

W at 9mph


    1. Kevin Smyth 0
      Nice fish!!
    2. Joshua Harris 0
      We're did Chaucer
    3. Derek Stitt 0
      Thanks Jeff
    4. Jeff Weathers 0
      Glad to see that the Ally is doing ok. Heard there were some issues. Your fish proves the point. Congrats.
    5. Derek Stitt 0
      Thanks Jennifer!
    6. Jennifer Hollingshead 0
      Great fish
    7. Derek Stitt 0
      Thanks Rich n Nate
    8. Nate Love 0
      Nice smaller
    9. Rich Pardy 0
      Awesome smallie Derek, keep em comin!!
    10. Mark Vincent 0
      thanks Derek
    11. Derek Stitt 0
      Good luck Mark.. Try up pass the bridge across from the marina
    12. Mark Vincent 0
      thanks for the info hopefully I can get it done so I can put a musky pic on here finally lol
    13. Derek Stitt 0
      beating the banks
    14. Mark Vincent 0
      nice were you fishing deep water or hitting the banks?
    15. Derek Stitt 0
      Thanks guys. Mark you should do okay. I hooked into a few. one still has my Squarebill from last weekend lol
    16. John Morgan 1
      That's a beauty
    17. scott clark 0
      nice smallie,I've never had a chance to fish for them ,only in some rivers
    18. Mark Vincent 0
      nice fish man headed up that way to my camp this weekend for some musky action hopefully lol
    19. Derek Herring 0
      That's a good smallie!!
    20. Eddie Goode 0
      nice smallie
    21. Christopher Pereira 0
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