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H180 1
7/23/2016 7:40:00 PM

Lots of nice Redbreasts in the creek. These fish go crazy for a small piece of worm on a small JigHead.

Catch Details

Redbreast Sunfish
Appalachain River

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Red worm on a trout magnet jig head
5 in. in.
3 ft.

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    1. H180 1 0
      Yep, Good luck!
    2. Todd Stevens 0
      If the cats are biting next week at my lake I should try them
    3. H180 1 0
      Yeah, these Redbreasts cut up will attract some of the catfish in my creek.
    4. Todd Stevens 0
      I know gills are good bait, do you know if they work well for cats and other fish
    5. Todd Stevens 0
      Those are some cool looking fish
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