A photo of Anton Wiesner's catch

Caught By

Anton Wiesner
7/7/2016 12:26:49 PM

Caught this Nice pike on a musky spinner bait

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Bernice Lake

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spinner bait
2 ft. 8 in. in.
8 ft.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy


    1. Jacob Anderson 0
      Those are nice ones, I'll have to try there again and see what I come up with. Maybe they're in the deeper parts of the lake, and not the slop or lilly pads.
    2. Anton Wiesner 0
      it has decent bass. I caught a 5 pound 10 ounce 22" and a 21" while fishing for pike. I'm not a bass guy but if targeted definitely a chance at a decent ...more one.
    3. Jacob Anderson 0
      I just moved to FDL 2 months ago and I've fished Bernice a few times from my kayak for bass. Seems like there are plenty of undersized bass and pike, I haven't ...more caught anything of legal size. Its a good action lake with frogs or senkos in the slop though.
    4. Anton Wiesner 0
      it used to be pretty good but way to many mid 30" pike have been kept. Gotta let those ones go to get trophies.
    5. Jacob Anderson 0
      Nice pike! Bernice looks like it would have some gators in it.
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