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Jason combs
7/6/2016 4:28:00 PM

caught 60 on saturday night

Catch Details

Black Crappie
Cave Run Lake

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12 ft.

Catch Conditions

W at 10mph


    1. Jason combs 0
      I will just let you know and since you live there you should know where I am talking about. If you put in at the first boat ramp that is in front of the bait shop ...more with all the sailboats you will go out and then bare left, there is a cell tower of some sort that you can see. We fish that cove straight towards that cell tower on the left side there are some trees down in the water. Our other sweet spot is back as you are first entering beaver creek we go to that first cove on the left and on the right side there is a tree down in the water that stretches out into the water quite a ways. We always have luck at both of these spots so good luck to you
    2. Allen Goins 0
      Or call
    3. Allen Goins 0
      Just text me 859-893-3584
    4. Jason combs 0
      no I am not
    5. Allen Goins 0
      Jason are you on face book?
    6. Jason combs 0
      Allen I sent a request to follow you, once you accept I will tell you a few go to spots for us and maybe it will help
    7. cam parsons 0
      I've got a cabin behind claylick. I'm down there every weekend.
    8. Allen Goins 0
      Jason I bought a cabin up toward long bow, I have only fished the lake once and caught a bunch but most was smalls. I would love to learn a few good spots
    9. Jason combs 0
      I agree, its very underrated! We have caught several bass on minnows crappie fishing. We have had good luck this year, we have brought in several 14inchers this ...more year.
    10. cam parsons 0
      yeah, it's a great great place to fish. I'm down there just about every weekend. we catch lots of bluegill and bass. we've been catching a lot of good ...more 12 inch bass this year. this is the best year of fishing I've had there.
    11. Jason combs 0
      yea we were trying to hit the mouth of any descent looking cove and found one good spot. I hadn't been to cave run in about 10yrs but started going back this ...more year, so not real familiar with exact spots I just kinda know the vicinity by looking at a map. In my opinion just to catch fish cave run is a great lake
    12. cam parsons 0
      I haven't tried it yet, but a man told me the at the mouth of leather wood he tied up to some trees and caught 140 crappie 12 inches long
    13. cam parsons 0
      thanks. I'll check it out this weekend.
    14. Jason combs 0
      was fishing back towards beaver creek, tried several different trees down in the water and found most were around 10-12ft deep on the trees. Most were 8-10in but ...more caught several around 12. During the day was when they were hitting the best and once night time fell they moved to a little deeper water and that is where most of the bigger ones were caught. I have been there 3 times in the last 2 months and haven't came out any day with less than 40.
    15. cam parsons 0
      if you don't mind, where did you catch them on cave run?
    16. Allen Goins 0
      Nice catch! I've been trying to figure out the crappie at cave run here lately. Been catching a lot of smalls nothing that size
    17. cam parsons 0
      that's some good eatin'
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