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Elisa T
7/3/2016 9:03:00 PM

Landed my first Boulder Creek brown on Sunday!

Hooked two, landed this cutie, and had one guy keep jumping in front of me. On the other side I kept getting snagged so I lost about 4 flies and I spent a lot of time untangling my line. Overall it was great day though!! I def feel like I'm learning and starting to get a hang of it.

Catch Details

Brown Trout
Boulder Creek

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Beaded fly (still can't keep track of ALL the fly names)

Catch Conditions

E at 3mph


    1. Noah Shapiro 0
      how did i post that twice
    2. Noah Shapiro 0
      just caught another one on boulder creek. check it out.
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
      just caught another one on boulder creek. check it out.
    4. kenny thompson 0
      Hades not jades. I hate spell check.
    5. kenny thompson 0
      Elisa, y'all need to get to Texas soon. It's hotter than jades but the trout bite is just as hot.
    6. Elisa T 1
      Thanks Rich! I'm wishing I was there now! Lol
    7. Rich Pardy 0
      Great pic Elisa!!
    8. Elisa T 0
      Nice! I'll def check them out. Thanks Morris!
    9. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      When you go to Buena Vista, stop at Ark Anglers fly shop. The are great guys and can let you know what to use and where to fish. :))
    10. Elisa T 2
      So true Derek! I do love being outside! 🙃 Thank you! The little guys sure are perrrty. Thanks Kenny!! 😆 Thanks Morris!! Ooh, I still haven't fished the ...more Arkansas. I must go then!! Lol
    11. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Elisa if you get the chance go fish the Arkansas near Buena Vista. Brown Trout heaven!!
    12. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice catch Elisa!!!
    13. kenny thompson 0
      Way to go Elisa!!!
    14. Derek Herring 0
      Having fun in the outdoors is what counts most. Congrats that is a beautifully colored brown!
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