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Mike Garner
6/25/2016 1:41:38 PM

Live shrimp under a poping cork set about 18" deep in 3fow over grass transition to a 1' flat, drift fishing covering lots of ground produce an early limit then the rest of the morning was just having fun catching.

Catch Details

Spotted Seatrout
Upper Laguna Madre

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live shrimp
1 ft. 11 in. in.
3 ft.

Catch Conditions

SSE at 10mph


    1. Brian Jensen 0
      I've caught them in Florida but never that big
    2. Mike Garner 0
      Thanks! They get pretty big plent of 29-32" fish have been caught
    3. Brian Jensen 0
      That's a bet nice one? How big do they get out there?
    4. kenny thompson 0
      Nice trout!!
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