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steve law
6/22/2016 8:36:00 PM

60 lbs blue cat, 6-22-16. Released safely.

Catch Details

blue cat
Potomac River

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cut bait

Catch Conditions

WNW at 8mph


    1. Greg Belknap 0
      Take a stroll down the river and witness the miles of gill nets littered all over the place killing everything that swims in it. 1000 times more hurtful than a catfish.
    2. Greg Belknap 1
      I know what the MD DNR says but they have absolutely zero facts to back that up. It comes down to the decline of the MD blue crab. The fact is that the stripped ...more bass eat more blue crab than the blue cats do but stripped bass are game fish and are protected.
    3. Devon Bachmaier 0
      @steve law I am not trying to change anyone's fishing habits. That is perfectly fine that you release the fish. I was just giving a tip and a piece of information ...more just in case you were not aware of the fact that they were invasive. You are 100% correct that 1 fisherman keeping a blue cat cannot reverse their introduction, it would take something else in addition to anglers keeping the fish
    4. steve law 1
      I will continue to catch and release. I do not eat freshwater fish and will not kill a fish like that with out it being eatin. The Potomac is rated in the top 10 ...more fisheries in the US so they can't be doing to much damage. Just my thoughts. I would also like future generations to enjoy catching fish this size or bigger. Besides there are way to many blue cats to eradicate them.
    5. Devon Bachmaier 0
      @Greg Belknap bass are not an invasive species, you can go onto MD DNR if you do not believe me they encourage you to kill Blue Cats because they damage the ecosystem ...more and hurt the balance of the river. Even though bass are not a native fish they have been in the river for hundreds of years and are an important part of the food chai.
    6. Greg Belknap 0
      Actually Devon you are wrong. Should we start killing Bass too?
    7. Devon Bachmaier 0
      @steve law you should have kept the fish because they are an invasive species and they are damaging the balance of the ecosystem in the Potomac river. DNR encourages ...more anglers to keep blue cats. Very nice catfish anyhow!!
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