A photo of tory sweatman's catch

Caught By

tory sweatman
6/11/2016 4:24:18 AM

Caught some good fish this past Thursday on Ray Roberts.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Ray Roberts

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big worm
25 ft.

Catch Conditions

SE at 3mph


    1. tory sweatman 0
      Hey Pat. I'm sure I've seen you if you fish a lot. I'm out there 4-5 days/evenings a week. Keep fishing. They are there. Once you catch a big fish target ...more that kind of water.
    2. Pat Dunn 0
      Nice bass I fish ray roberts I'm new to the lake I fish around Johnson branch or Buck creek I have a blue and white stratos 273 haven't caught any keepers ...more yet
    3. Eddie Goode 0