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steve law
6/5/2016 2:41:00 PM

38.2 lbs. Released safely

Catch Details

Blue Catfish
Lower Potomac River

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cut bait

Catch Conditions

SW at 8mph


    1. Jack Hare 0
      Just use giant cut bait and you will catch giant fish, chicken breasts soaked in cool-aid work very well too.
    2. steve law 0
      John, for some reason your stuck on me sharing my spot. Even before your last post I marked it on the map for you. As for MY reason to join the site was to share ...more my pics. Not hand out info that took me 25 years to acquire. I shared my spot because you reached out and I didn't want to be a dick. So you can go and use shrimp, chicken liver or what ever the hell you want. You might get lucky. But you will probably average 10-15 lbs. Cats. The offer I put out there would have given you the knowledge to catch those big ones for the rest of your life. But its fine if you aren't interested. Didn't mean to insult you, but it seems worth it to me. Good luck John.
    3. John Richter 0
      So I can appreciate your need 4 money since you're out of work, I'm not willing to pay $150 for information. Especially since this is supposed to be a site ...more where those that love fishing share information for free. I have several sweet spots that I go to and have no problem sharing with others period in fact comma I have posted the pinpoint locations where I have caught many nice fish. I was trying to show some respect and appreciation for the fish you caught and posted on this free site. everything has a price but there is no way I would pay $150 for information like that. I would have considered $50 butt I have plenty of holes and other areas that I can go to with my boat or kayak.
    4. steve law 0
      Ok John I will map the location. However I fished the same spot for 25 years and the biggest thing I caught was 15 lbs. Until 3 years ago. So I would only charge ...more if you or your bro catch something minimum 25lbs. You will learn my trix. Last year on June 11. Myself and my buddy caught 11 ......35lbs or better in a day. I would want $150. Wich isn't that bad with the no catch no pay part. Let me know if your interested. I would supply all bait and poles.
    5. John Richter 0
      Steve, can you define a small fee? I have openly posted a few nice spots where I have caught bass and snakehead. Since I always catch and release unless it's ...more a snake head, I wouldn't be too worried about somebody picking your spot clean.
    6. steve law 0
      John I am hesitant to point out my exact spot. You know how it is giving away your honey hole. But I will tell you the area is off of the George Washington Parkway ...more in Alexandria. I am also unemployed at the moment, and might be willing to take the two of you to my spot for a small fee. If you are interested let me know.
    7. John Richter 0
      can you pinpoint the area on the lower Potomac that you landed this one? My brother is coming in town next week and I would sure love to have him catch a nice fish ...more like that or the previous one you posted.
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