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Paul Tuohey
5/15/2016 3:28:04 PM

Can anyone identify what species of fish this is? It looks like some kind of carp?

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    1. Chris Gombola 0
      Ditto on the shad
    2. Matthew Mata 0
      Big gizzard shad.
    3. Nick Snell 0
      A gizzard like Morris said
    4. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Big gizzard
    5. Paul Tuohey 0
      Thanks for the info guys. It's much appreciated.
    6. Nathan Wood 0
    7. Andrew Kane 0
      Gizzard shad
    8. Tyler Curry 0
      I agree with Eric, definitely a Gizzard Shad.
    9. Eric Moore 0
      It's a gizzard shad, Great catfish or striper bait
    10. Christopher Pereira 0
      Looks like a shad body with a minnow head...idk
    11. Joe Tuohey 0
      No idea!
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