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Zach Wieller
5/12/2016 8:10:37 PM

anyone have any info on water temp and if there is any good numbers of smallmouth in PIB

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Presque Isle Bay

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Catch Conditions

NNE at 8mph


    1. Zach Wieller 0
      All i know is if you can get out to thompson bay. The fish are there
    2. Charles Aliff 0
      A couple friends who are currently fishing PIB said smallmouth fishing still is slow. I would think it would have to soon turn on. Anyone else fished there in the ...more last day or so with any decent luck?
    3. Zach Wieller 0
      yupp when we were there the water temp needed about 5 more degrees memorial day crowd will do a number on them . just wish i lived closer
    4. Charles Aliff 0
      It is my understanding that business has begun to heat up the past 2-3 days at PIB. I have a couple friends up there that have sent me some pics from the past couple ...more days of fishing. Looking better.....I think the Memorial Day crowd will pound them.
    5. Zach Wieller 0
      Hey charles we were up there 16th through the the 19th. We did not even bother with PIB and just ran the main lake and did very good. Caught a 5 pounder and three ...more 4 pounders. They still seemed to be in early stages of prespawn.
    6. Charles Aliff 0
      I fished PIB on Friday , May 20th. The fishing is still slow. The big numbers of fish were still not there as of this day. I caught a few smallmouths with one 3 ...more lb'er. The rest were under 2 lbs. I also caught one small largemouth. I think the Memorial Day crowd will probably pound the fish. Things are late this year.......
    7. Danny Dunkle 0
      Just got back wed winds out of the east and north east smallies r moving in but the bite was very light water temp 56-57deg, very slow going especially this time ...more of year for PIB
    8. Zach Wieller 0
      thank you for the update. will be up monday through Wednesday
    9. David Krimm 0
      They are getting there. Water temp is mid 50's
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